Due to current circumstances, it has become necessary for us to provide options other than the offering plate for receiving contributions. At this time, we can provide several alternatives for you to make your contribution.

Option One: Write out a check and mail it to Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, 5851 New York Avenue, Arlington TX 76018.

Option Two: Use the online payment option of your bank or credit union to have them mail a check to Beautiful Savior (same address as above).

Option 3: Some banks and credit unions offer quick pay services such as Zelle. To pay using this option, you download the bank’s app and follow the directions. The app will ask you for an email to pay; this should be Be sure to check and see if the bank has any fees or charges for this transaction. Most don't. 

Option 4: Use the donate button below to pay through PayPal. There is a very small charge to the church when you use this.