Call Committee 

Voters Meeting

Special Voters Meeting is Scheduled for Sunday Dec 5 After Worship.

Call Committee Notes

Pastor Bontke returned the call

We will have a special voters meeting Sept 12th to vote on the 4 Candidates the call committee is bring to the voters.

You can view a summary of the candidates at here or at

Call Committee Update

Pastor Mayland Returned are Call

Yesterday, We had a special voters meeting for the purpose of issuing a call to a new pastor. The Voters Assemble unanimously voted to issue a call to Rev. James Mayland, who currently serves Trinity Lutheran Church in Livingston, TX. I contacted Pastor Mayland yesterday to inform him of the call. He and his wife will probably visit us in the next few weeks.


Please keep in mind that pastors typically take 3 to 6 weeks to decide rather God wants them to take the call or remain with their current church. 

July 24 Call Committee Meeting 

Over the past to Saturdays the call committee has conducted interviews with the list of pastors being considered for a Call to Beautiful Savior. The Call Committee is submitting 4 names for consideration for the  call at the August 1 Voters Meeting. Below is the list of Pastors, Church,  Church web page (if available) and Facebook page (If available). Next week the call committee will put out a summary page for each Candidate,


Rev. Robert LeBlanc  Hope Lutheran Church, Winnie TX,   No church web page,

Rev. Dale Brynestadt  Peace Lutheran Bremerton, WA

Rev. James Mayland, Trinity Lutheran Church, Livingston, TX

Rev. Richard Schneider  St Paul’s Lutheran Church RONAN, MT   No Church Web Page

The results from the Pastoral Profile Surveys can be viewed here:



Call Committee Members


David Ricks


Joel Green

Dianna Lee

Heather McCage

Hailey Heinsohn

Troy Freiberg

James Browne